Nelson Stud Welding New Zealand

World Leaders in Stud Welding

Stud welding is an electric arc welding process, providing a bond or weld that is stronger than the metal of the stud and the work.

Huge Benefits to your construction project

At Nelson Stud Welding we specialise in the installation and supply of metal composite floors, and we supply Nelson Studs and Nelson welding equipment. We are world leaders in stud welding and have been in the industry for over 30 years!

The Advantages of Metal Composite Flooring

Metal composite floors have many advantages over timber or pre-stressed concrete and are suitable for large floor spans.
The building frame can be lighter  РSave money on craneage (individual lift weights are lower) РEasier to do complex shapes while retaining rigidity and strength.

Our products are trusted by:


  • Threaded Studs

  • Shear Studs

  • Insulation Pins & Clips